About Us

We are a competitive swim club based in Witham. Established in 1974 Witham Dolphins continues to be the friendly club it has always aspired to be.

Although we are a small club our swimmers have achieved beyond expectations repeatedly across the years. Our President James Gibson, for example, was one of our young age group swimmers who eventually went on to become a world champion in the sport.  

We take pride in developing our youngest swimmers from when they first join the club to when they leave to move on to further education or develop a career. To meet the needs of all our swimmers we compete in two al leagues namely the Mini League and the Essex Swimming League. We also compete at County, Regional and National competitions together with open meets.

Our swimmers thrive in a competitive environment because we care and we ensure they are ready to compete in competitions appropriate to their own stage of development.

Through a schedule of regular training, Open galas and Internal events there is always something for every swimmer to aspire to achieve. We are always welcoming to new swimmers attending their first trial with our development squad or someone deciding to take the plunge and try out for our adult Masters squad.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out how to join Witham Dolphins!

We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently asked questions

Generally speaking most swimmers join us around 8 years old but this is always dependant on ability. All swimmers will be assessed in a Trial period and you will then be told if they are strong enough to join but equally this is to see if they enjoy it!

We also have our Masters squad for our senior members so please if you have any questions or thoughts on joining please email us!

Witham Leisure Centre, CM8 1EP